Thanks for being interested in hosting a giveaway at Fitfully Mormon!  We have tons of fun here!  We have just started and are VERY excited to promote items from fitness apparel, health food products,  hair accessories, Etsy shops, photographers, vitamins, shakes, etc., you get my drift!
– Giveaways are a great way to get your product seen
– The item must be something my readers will enjoy and there must be a handful of items to choose from
– It does not cost to host a giveaway, however the product must be at least $25 with free shipping and I receive the same gift as the winner :-)
If interested, email me at fitfullymormon @ gmail dot com for specifics.
In the email please provide the following:
1) What your shop is and what you’re wanting to giveaway.  Please attach any and all pictures you want me to use or provide me with the link of pictures I can use in your post
2) Send me any and all links to your FB/blog/shop
3) Tell me what you want my readers to do to qualify.  Example, “like” your FB page follow your blog etc…
Get Featured
Every so often I like to feature new blogs.  If you have a popular post you’d like to be on Fitfully Mormon email me the link and some information about you.  I love featuring new apps, recipes, apparel, hairstyles, shakes, vitamins, inspiring stories etc.
FitfullyMormon @ gmail . com