Eat Meat Sparingly-10 Meals to Get You Started

10 meatless meals

1. Sesame Peanut Noodles LINK to Recipe. Many different kinds of pasta can be substituted like, Quinoa, Whole Wheat or even Rice Noodles.  I prefer to double the veggies so they are PACKED with nutrients!


2. Basil Spaghetti with Cheesy Broiled Tomatoes LINK to Recipe. Once again, you can substitute several types of pasta.  Make sure to add tons of tomatoes and consider adding in some other roasted veggies to add variety and to balance out the grains.


3. Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas LINK to Recipe meatless3 4. Bean Curry LINK to Recipe I adjust this recipe when I make it.  I add another can of Beans and puree them instead of using half and half. 


5. Cashew Thai Peanut Salad LINK to Recipe Mmmmm..Thai, this is one type of food I go CRAZY for!   


6. Veggie Curry LINK to Recipe This is a great simple recipe but I often times cheat and if you have a Trader Joe’s by then the Red Curry simmer sauce is a simple way to make this quick!  I use one jar of the simmer sauce to 1 jar equivalent of unsweetened light coconut milk. I used almost any kind of veggies. 


7. Of course this is my favorite Recipe found HERE! Super easy and any number of things can be added to it like lentils, mushrooms, guacamole. DELISH!!!


8. Veggie Pizza LINK to Recipe Use caution as to what kind of pizza dough you are going to use. I like using whole grain.  I actually prefer to caramelize my onions so the sweetness just oozes out of them.  mmmm


9. Asian Veggie Wrap LINK  Soooo many veggies can be added or substituted in this super yummy salad.


  10. Spicy Black Bean Burger.  LINK to Recipe why not try it?  This would pair so deliciously with sweet potato fries.  My mouth is watering!! meatless10


April Thompson is 37 years old and lives in Houston, Texas. She and her husband have four children. She loves trying new things, including sports, foods, and crafts. She is a homemaker, blogger, hair and makeup artist, and personal trainer and currently serves in the Young Women's auxiliary. She loves teaching the youth about the Word of Wisdom, health and fitness.

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