My First Weight Lifting Routine

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Especially when you are just starting out I believe it’s important to keep things simple. Here is one of the first weight-lifting workouts I started doing. It’s pretty good for beginners. I think I tore it out of a parent’s magazine. I would do this workout two-three times a week to start out with. If you increase your weights over time it can be pretty tough!  The nice part is you can do it all at home.  I would do these exercises in a round and complete 30 minutes. 

April Thompson is 37 years old and lives in Houston, Texas. She and her husband have four children. She loves trying new things, including sports, foods, and crafts. She is a homemaker, blogger, hair and makeup artist, and personal trainer and currently serves in the Young Women's auxiliary. She loves teaching the youth about the Word of Wisdom, health and fitness.

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